Membership, warranties and insurances

Membership, warranties and insurances


We are a member of Wielkopolska Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa [The Industry-Trade Chamber of Wielkopolska], which gathers business people striving for balanced functioning of our economic system. The Chamber supports entrepreneurs, as well as people only starting their company, by providing basic economical and legal information.
We also belong to Polska Izba Ekologii [Polish Chamber of Ecology] which works towards effective cooperation with public institutions and non-governmental ecology-focused organisations. Our goals include: ecology education, depoliticising environment protection, new system for financing and managing the environment, as well as improving the legal system.

Warranties and insurances


Our services are bound by warranties in the following fields:

  • Punctuality in carrying out assigned tasks – services are conducted within set time frames and in case of an urgent need we guarantee immediate reaction.
  • Realisation of assigned tasks in accordance with current legal regulations
  • Long-lasting warranty for construction and renovation tasks
  • Long-lasting warranty for efficacy of the process and lasting quality parameters of products and materials used in renovating buildings
  • Long-lasting warranty for efficacy and lasting quality parameters of used substances, cleaning agents, and protecting agents.


We are aware of the fact that our operations bear the potential of causing certain damage. Therefore, we are prepared for any circumstance that might arise, including its consequences. We hold a legal liability insurance, as well as a contractual liability insurance, offered by Powszechny Zakład Ubezpieczeń S.A. which include:

  • Commercial liability insurance
  • Contractual liability insurance in case of insufficient execution of accepted obligations
  • Lessor’s risk insurance
  • Legal employer liability insurance for workplace injuries
  • Insurance in case of damages sustained by third parties and caused by subcontractors
  • Insurance in case of damages caused by direct or indirect emission or a leak of harmful substance into air, water, or soil