AM Trans Progres

We offer our clients a wide range of services, increasing the comfort and quality of life. AM Trans Progres is a reliable partner of both industry and public administration bodies, in the field of environmental protection. We offer high-quality, safe and durable services, that will be tailored to the needs of our clients, using our knowledge in the field of technology, market and regulations.

About us

We strive for excellence, taking care of people and the environment, high quality and the good name of the company. We know, how to solve our clients’ problems because we use the latest achievements in knowledge and techniques.




Sustainable and safe development

Our activity is part of the EU Green Deal. We implement the challenges related to sustainable development in a comprehensive manner, respecting the inextricable relationships between people, the environment and a healthy planet. We act to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our services

We provide specialized hazardous waste management services, including asbestos removal as well as consultancy and advisory services related to environmental protection.

circular economy – eco design – lca – lcc

We specialize in introducing innovative models of managing raw material supply chains, based on the Circular Economy concept. We implement solutions in industry, supported by LCA and LCC analytical tools.

asbestos removal

We have many years of experience in asbestos removal and disposal, disassembled from roofs, facades, installations and various devices.

waste disposal

Industry wants to concentrate on their core business and outsource their entire waste management. AM Trans Progres offers them a tailored, comprehensive solution.

eco documentation

A very important element in environmental management and investment planning is the preparation of appropriate documentation. We create projects and studies, supporting our clients in their pursuit of planned goals.

International projects

AM Trans Progres increases the potential of regional development in the field of innovation and protection of natural resources. We support transnational cooperation and the development of innovative ideas. Together with project partners, we implement solutions for a better Europe. We work to achieve the goals set out in the European Green Deal.

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