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Development of the Circular Economy concept in Central Europe.

AM Trans Progres partner of the CIRCE2020 project financed by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE program

The transition to a circular economy is a major priority of the EU 2020 strategy, particularly important for Central European industrial areas due to the excellent use of primary natural resources at various stages of production: processing, packaging and transport.



The new EU Action plan on Circular Economy focuses on reusing waste as a new raw material. To achieve these results and to ‘close the loop’ of different production processes, it is essential to raise awareness of the role of waste in the circular economy and define a methodology and toolbox that can be applied across countries and industry sectors.

Recycling rates are far from the targets set in the Directives, the main reason being the lack of cooperation in the re-use of by-products and secondary raw materials in the economy.



The goal of CIRCE2020 is to introduce and test innovative models of waste and by-product management in manufacturing companies. During the pilot actions, innovative instruments such as MFA (Material Flow Analysis), LCC (Life Cycle Costing) and LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) will be used.



The CIRCE2020 project provided solid evidence of environmental and economic benefits, increasing regions’ ability to transform towards a circular economy.

8 partners were involved, representatives of various European socio-economic environments. The project was conducive to the exchange of knowledge and experiences between partners and stakeholders. As a result of the work in the CIRCE2020 project, ready-made tools were created: MFA (Material Flow Analysis), LCC (Life Cycle Costing) and LCA (Life Cycle Analysis), which are available on the project pages in the attached links.

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