Circular Economy – Eco Design – LCA – LCC

Eco design is an innovative companies activity to develop their products based on Circular Economy. This enables an increase in resource efficiency. Using environmental life cycle assessment tools, we create solutions to develop a new or improved version of a product with a lower environmental impact. Including environmental aspects at the product design stage, minimizes the negative impact on the environment throughout its life cycle.

We specialize in introducing innovative models of managing raw material supply chains based on the Circular Economy concept. We implement solutions supported by analytical tools in industry. As part of the Circular Economy concept, we develop Live Cycle Assessment – LCA models and financial Live Cycle Cost – LCC models. At the same time, we conduct activities aimed at the widest possible dissemination of the CE concept, aimed at innovative enterprises.

We use our experience and competences


LCA – Life Cycle Assessment – Environmental assessment of the product life cycle as a technique of environmental management in the enterprise


LCC – Life Cycle Costing – Product life cycle cost analysis as a modern model of life cycle cost management in the enterprise


Eco Design – is an action in the perspective of the entire product life cycle, creating a new or improved version of the product


Circular Economy – is a systemic approach to economic development, which is to benefit enterprises, society and the environment

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