Circular Economy

Circular economy

We support projects in which the world of business and science turn ideas into success. Our goal is to create a friendly environment where nothing is wasted.

Our activities support solutions that confirm that raw materials can be recycled and reused many times and that they have a sustainable future.

Transformation to the Circular Economy model:

Process partners

production and service companies from all areas of the economy implementing sustainable and innovative products or services


research partners, universities, research and development units

social partners and users

organizations and social movements contributing to environmental protection


The transition to a circular economy (which includes a closed loop and sustainable production systems) means that the end-of-life of products is considered early on, with the impact of the entire life cycle being aimed at offering new opportunities, not waste.

Circular Economy solutions are:

the transition from single-use products to products that fit into a closed loop system

active responsibility for the entire life cycle of products

reducing the amount of raw materials is a simple way to reduce your environmental impact

the ability to reconfigure the product in various ways for new customizations

timeless products, very durable and retain their value for a long time

creating a recyclable product

parts or the entire product can be converted into new consumer goods in a closed system

Effects of implementation

investing in environmentally friendly technologies

supporting industry in innovation

introducing cleaner, cheaper and healthier forms of private and public transport

making buildings more energy efficient

working with international partners to improve global environmental standards

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