Circular Economy

Eco Design

To help meet the EU Green Deal goals of using less resources and reducing the environmental impact, we support companies in implementing sustainable products.

Eco-design takes into account environmental aspects at all stages of the product development process, striving for solutions that have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

We implement Eco Design techniques:

Process partners

production and service enterprises from all areas of the economy implementing sustainable and innovative products or services


social partners and users

organizations and social movements contributing to environmental protection


The primary goals of eco-design and sustainable development are to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste and create environmentally friendly solutions

Eco-design is:

Using sustainably produced materials

Manufacturing products that are energy efficient

Creating more durable and better functioning products

Designing products for reuse and recycling

Leverage Life Cycle Analysis tools to design more sustainable products

Effects of implementation

Sustainable design is an approach to creating products and services, that take into account environmental, social and economic impacts from the initial phase to the end of life.

Eco-design is an essential tool that enables the transformation towards a circular economy.

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