Circular Economy


We implement solutions supported by analytical tools in industry. As part of the Circular Economy concept, we develop Live Cycle Assessment – LCA models.

Trustful and sustainable decision making, requires the right facts as well as the right way to communicate them. We use the latest methods, having access to specialized software and extensive databases.

Environmental Life Cycle Assessment – LCA:

Process partners

production and service companies from all areas of the economy implementing sustainable and innovative products or services


research partners, universities, research and development units


carrying out an assessment of the environmental impacts identified for a given production or service process, materials used, energy, solid waste and other emissions, and determining the impact of these streams on the environment

Our service

Defining the purpose and scope

What is tested, for what purpose and for whom?

Collection of data

What and what amount occurs in individual processes?

Environmental impact assessment

What are these environmental problems and what is their magnitude?


What environmental benefits can be obtained by implementing individual solutions?

Effects of implementation

Models and analysis of complex life cycles designed in
a systematic and transparent manner

Measure the environmental impact of products and services at all stages of the life cycle

Identification of hot spots in every link of the supply chain, from raw material extraction to production, distribution, use and disposal

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