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Inventory and asbestos removal program

We prepare and develop comprehensive documentation, which is a basic tool for city, municipal and regional authorities in their efforts to subsidies for tasks related to asbestos removal.

Investors and facility managers need objective information, supported by laboratory tests, on the presence of asbestos-containing products in buildings and installations. For our clients, we prepare an inventory of the locations of asbestos-containing products in construction and infrastructure facilities.

As part of the preparation of the Inventory and Asbestos Removal Program, we offer:

Carrying out a detailed inventory of asbestos-containing products located in the commune (through the inventory carried out in all localities)

Creation of a contour layer with accompanying attributes in *.shp format, transferring the results of field work to the map

Entering the results of the inventory of asbestos products located in the commune into the Asbestos Base

Preparation of the final report on the implementation of the task, together with all attachments, in accordance with the ministerial requirements

Identification and inventory of asbestos-containing products in industrial facilities and installations, laboratory tests, reports

We are prepared to carry out orders throughout the country.

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